Living Learning Communities

The Living Learning Communites (LLC) at SF State play a pivotal role in the residential student experience. The primary objective of our communities is to provide an environment where students can explore the interconnected relationship between what is learned and what is lived.

Living Learning Communities connect and integrate students to residential and academic components. Students residing in a Living Learning Communities community may be required to take a course with their floor mates in the fall and spring semesters. Courses are assigned by the Department of Residential Life in collaboration with an academic college and/or department.

Living Learning Communities at SF State are separated into three areas: Academic, Identity, and Theme.  Many of our communities may have more than one overlapping area.

In order to be part of an LLC, you must apply to be part of the community and meet all requirements.

The Afrocentric Living Learning Community invites students to enhance their living and learning experiences by joining and building relationships with one another around common interests in the cultural, social, and political realities and liberation of people of African descent. This community provides students with an environment where they can safely explore, celebrate, and think critically about key issues related to excellence, cultural awareness, and social responsibility. Students will be encouraged to openly discuss and consider how their learning in various fields of knowledge relate to the needs, concerns, and advancement of Black communities.

Ubuntu is a term that means we become human as we affirm and enhance the lives of one another. In the spirit of Ubuntu, the floor creates an atmosphere where students can build lasting supportive relationships with one another during and after their experiences at San Francisco State. Our signature programs will involve faculty cultural activities, mentorship, a partnership with Black student organizations, discussion of critical issues in Africana communities, cultural performances, community service, professional development, and leadership development.

Building/Floor(s): Residence Halls
Class: FTF (First Time Freshman)

Students in this community must register for AFRS 101: Introduction to Africana Studies in the Fall semester and AFRS 200: Introduction to Black Psychology in the Spring semester.

Building/Floor(s): University Park
Class: Continuing Students

Students in this community must register for AFRS 210: Introduction to Africana Literature in the Fall and AFRS 202: Black Men's Studies or AFRS 335: The Black Woman: A Cultural Analysis in the Spring semester.


The Asian American & Pacific Islander (ASPIRE) Program partners with Asian American Studies (AAS) and Student Affairs Enrollment Management (SAEM) and is specifically focused on promoting the academic success, retention and graduation of high-need Asian American and Pacific Islander students, as well as students from low-income families or who have disabilities. The research shows that students who are more academically engaged do better in college, and learning communities are a key strategy for increasing academic engagement.

Building/Floor(s): Residence Halls
Class: FTF (First Time Freshman)

Students in this community must register for AA S110: Critical Thinking and the Asian American Experience.

Global Village

The Global Village theme Community available to domestic and international students who wish to engage in a diverse living environment.

Countries Represented: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, French Polynesia, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom

Building/Floor(s): Village at Centennial Square
Class: Everyone

Hip Hop Culture

The Hip Hop Culture Learning Community is designed to unite and inspire the voices of a new generation of leaders with Hip Hop legends like Kendrick Lamar, Queen Latifah, Arrested Development, Missy Elliot, and Public Enemy. Living in this community allows students with similar interests

  • to build meaningful relationships with others,
  • to create lifelong friendships, and
  • to engage ongoing conversations and dialogues that are mindful of issues impacting today’s youth.

The Hip Hop learning community is associated with the department of Africana Studies and provides students with opportunities to be involved in larger discussions of how Hip Hop culture has been instrumental in creating social change in our society. All students, regardless of cultural heritage or major, are invited to join this rich exploration of diverse Hip Hop cultural experiences.

Building/Floor(s): Residence Halls
Class: FTF (First Time Freshman)

Students in this community must register for AFRS 256: Hip Hop Workshop. Failure to sign up or the class can result in removal from the floor.


The Latinx Theme Community aims to celebrate the different communities and their identities and provide educational opportunities for students to engage in dialogue regarding their interest and understanding of the history and origins of Latinx communities.

Building/Floor(s): Residence Halls
Class: FTF (First Time Freshman)


The Rainbow theme community that is unique at San Francisco State University. The Rainbow Floor/Community focuses on gender, sexuality, and the intersectionality of identities within the LGBTQ community. This community offers students the opportunity to live in a supportive and collegial space and to explore the issues that face LGBTQ-identified individuals in our society. Through active involvement in educational programming and community mobilization, the community strives to provide an environment where residents feel supported and empowered. This community hosts monthly socials, educational programs, service projects, and resident-sponsored events.

Building/Floor(s): Towers at Centennial Square & University Park South
Class: Everyone

Science and Technology & Women in Science and Technology

The Science & Technology Theme Community is specifically designed for first-time freshman students of the College of Science and Engineering. The aim of the community is to prepare residents for careers in the areas of science, mathematics, and engineering. Through social and educational programming, residents will be able to build connections between what they have learned in the classroom and what they do in their everyday lives. The community also provides networking opportunities for residents to meet professors and other professionals in their field of study.

Building/Floor(s): Towers Jr. Suites
Class: FTF (First Time Freshman)
Major(s): Applied Mathematics, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, Biochemistry, Biology (several Concentrations), Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Clinical Science, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Earth Sciences, Electrical Engineering, Geography, Geosciences, Mathematics, Mechanical engineering, Meteorology, Physics and Astrophysics, Psychology, Physiology, Statistics, Zoology


Wellness is a Learning Community in which residents can explore, expand, and put their knowledge to experience in health related fields. We, as a Wellness community, strive to provide a studious yet free-spirited environment in which first-year students have the opportunity to ask questions, talk to health field professionals, and obtain information that will help them excel in their future career goals. As a staff, we not only encourage residents to excel academically but also foster a community for personal and professional development. Our staff also encourages residents to seek campus resources and other organizations through different events and programs. We hope you join us!

Building/Floor(s): Village at Centennial Square
Class: FTF (First Time Freshman)
Students in this community must register for HSS 110: Critical Thinking/Student Success in Health & Social Sciences Fields.